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Intitial Consultation


30 mins


Consultation is completely obligation free. 

Initial consultation includes a full assessment and discussion about your goals and options available.  You will be provided a quote for various options and we can discuss the best ways of achieving your goals within your budget.

$50 deposit IS required to secure your appointment time, and can be refunded at the completion of your appointment, or used toward products, services or future appointments.

Limit of 1 complimentary initial consultation, per person, per year.


Cooling Off Period

We will discuss in detail risks associated with each treatment option, and you will be provided with a cooling off period.  You are encouraged to take a cooling off period to ensure you are making a fully informed decision and to take the opportunity to perform your own research.


Please be aware that you are welcome to elect to have no treatment at all.

Also please be aware, that the prescribing Doctor has the right, and ethical obligation to refuse to perform or prescribe a treatment that is likely to result in harm.  This will include if the treatment is likely to result in alienisation, risk to your health, risk to your reputation or risk to you financially. 


Payment Options

If you specifically want a treatment that is appropriate to your anatomy, however finances are an issue in this current financial climate, we have options for you you to prepay smaller amounts until you are able to afford your desired treatment (after consultation and planning).


Cancellation Fees

Credit/Debit card details are required for all bookings, as cancellation fees apply to all appointments cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment. 

This is because staff still need to be paid their regular hourly wage in addition to general overheads, and if you dont attend, no income is generated to cover staff wages, rent and other overheads.  You will not be charged a cancellation fee unless you cancel within 24 hours. There is no cancellation fee for a follow up appointment if you are happy with your results. Exeptions will only be made at Medical Director discretion. 

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