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Premium Filler


60 mins


For Filler dissolving, please allow 1 hour for appointment if not previously had allergy test.

Packages available on request. 

Prepayment options available on request.



Lip filler ;0.5ml:  $300 1ml:  $550

Chin, Cheek, Marionette, Jaw, Nasolabial filler $600 per ml

Temples or Tear trough $800

Back of (both) hands: 2ml $800


Skin Boosters

$300/ml, 2-3 ml advised per area, per treatment. 

Treatment cycles and amounts required will be discussed on consultation.


Collagen Biostimulator (Product S or R). $750 per vial or syringe.

Face: 2 vials /treatment

Neck: 1 vial/treatment

Decolettage: 1 vial/treatment

Butt lift: 4 vials

Jawline: 2 syringes

Hands: 2 syringes.


Filler reversal (dissolving) $200/vial/session

Multiple sessions may be required depending on type of filler.  Please allow 1 hour for the appointment to allow for allergy testing.


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