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White Powder

Follow up Policy

Follow up consultation will be offered free of charge 2-3 weeks after treatment, provided you have agreed to the recommended dose per area*.  We encourage you to attend your follow up appointment, even if you are happy with your results, as your practitioner may detect movement you are not aware of, which allows the opportunity to address this movement and allow better longevity of your treatment.


Top up of wrinkle relaxer will be provided free of charge in the case of a complication of recommended doses, such as inadvertent, or exaggerated spock brow.  Exceptions to this protocol include clients who have a treatment plan that includes topup due to specific anatomy requirements, or those that request a lower dose per treatment area*.

Free relaxer top up will be administered strictly a minimum of 10 days and maximum 21 days of initial treatment for the first 2 full treatment cycles only.  Any treatment (including top up) 28 days or more is considered a new treatment cycle and will be charged, per unit, appropriately. 

Product administered between 22 days post treatment and 27 days post treatment will be charged on a slightly reduced “per unit” basis, with a minimum service fee of $50. This accounts for consumables and your practitioners time and expertise.  Ideal time for top up is 14 days.

Top up will not, under any circumstances (free or charged) be administered less than 10 days after your treatment as this significantly increases the likelihood and severity of complications.  Top up after 21 days increases your chance of developing resistance to the product, which may result in permanent ineffectiveness of future treatments.

Dermal filler is not able to be "topped up" as it is a completely different product and priced differently.  Follow up is still offered free of charge, however dermal filler is charged strictly on a volume basis.

*If you request a lower dose than recommended, top up is charged on a per unit basis: Product D $4.50, Product X $11, Product B $14.

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