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Initial Consultation

Consultation is completely obligation free.  Initial consultation includes a full assessment and discussion about your goals and options available.  You will be provided a quote for various options and we can discuss the best ways of achieving your goals within your budget. We will also talk about risks associated with each treatment option, and you will be provided with a cooling off period. 

If you intend to have wrinkle relaxer on the day of treatment please book for this in addition to the consultation. If you have never had relaxer before, I encourage you to take a cooling off period to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Please note that I recommend a cool off period, especially for filler treatments in order to provide you with ample time to make a fully informed decision.  Please be aware that you are welcome to elect to have no treatment at all, and this is fine.  Also please be aware, that the prescribing Doctor has the right, and ethical obligation to refuse to perform or prescribe a treatment that is likely to result in harm.  This will include if the treatment is likely to result in alienisation, risk to your health, risk to your reputation or risk to you financially.  If you specifically want a treatment that is appropriate to your anatomy, however finances are an issue in this current financial climate, we have options for you you to prepay smaller amounts until you are able to afford your desired treatment (after consultation and planning).

Credit/Debit card details are required for all bookings, as cancellation fees apply to all appointments cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment.  This is because staff still need to be paid their regular hourly wage, and if you dont attend, there is zero income to cover staff wages, rent and other overheads.  You will not be charged a cancellation fee unless you cancel within 24 hours. Exeptions will only be made at Medical Director discretion. 

Wrinkle Relaxer Treatments:

AVERAGE PRICES (varies by anatomy and combinations of treatments):
*Prices vary according to anatomy and injector experience and qualifications.  


Product B: $14 PER UNIT with Dr Trinity, $12.50 PER UNIT with Nurse

  • Forehead lines: $154 - $280          (11 – 20 units)

    • Average prices: $180 mild/prevention, $220 moderate, $280 severe/frozen

  • Crows feet: $168 - $420     (12 – 30 units)

    • Average price: $170 mild/prevention, $280 moderate, $420 severe

  • Frown lines: $252 - $364    (18 – 26 units)

    • Average price: $250 mild/prevention, $310 moderate, $390 severe

Average costing (based on moderate muscles movement):

Forehead and crows: $500        Forehead and frown: $500      Crows and frown: $550

3 areas: $750

Product X OR Product L (NEW): $11 PER UNIT with Dr Trinity, $10 PER UNIT with Nurse

  • Forehead lines: $121 - $220          (11 – 20 units)

    • Average price: $143 mild/prevention. $176 moderate, $220 severe/frozen

  • Crows feet: $132 - $330     (12 – 30 units)

    • Average price: $132 mild/prevention, $220 moderate, $330 severe

  • Frown lines: $198 - $286    (18 – 26 units)

    • Average price: $200 mild/prevention, $240 moderate, $310 severe

 Average costing (based on moderate muscles movement):

Forehead and crows: $395     Forehead and frown: $395     Crows and frown: $430

3 areas: $595


Product D: $4.50 PER UNIT with Dr Trinity, $4.00 PER UNIT with Nurse

  • Forehead lines: $90 - $180             (20 – 40 units)

    • Average price: $90 mild/prevention, $144 moderate, $180 severe/frozen

  • Crows feet: $180 - $360     (40 – 80 units)

    • Average price: $180 mild/prevention, $225 moderate, $270 severe  

  • Frown lines: $180 - $270    (40 – 60 units)

    • Average price: $180 mild/prevention, $225 moderate, $295 severe

 Average costing (based on moderate muscles movement):

Forehead and crows: $360     Forehead and frown: $360     Crows and frown: $410

3 areas: $550


  • Masseters/Bruxism (Teeth grinding/Jaw slimming):  $450 (set price)

  • Underarm sweating: $725 (only available with product X $7.25/u,  or Product D $3/u.)

  • Hayfever treatment:  $375 (Standardized dosing, product D)

  • Other areas available on request

We charge based on dose (units) required, so you only pay for the exact amount you need.  Higher doses do result in longer results, however also result in higher chance of complications.  Lower doses do result in more natural levels of movement, however will need retreatment sooner.  Duration of effect can never be guaranteed due to your own individual anatomy, medications, lifestyle and metabolism.  We are able to offer smaller doses to reduce, rather than eliminate movement, however you need to be aware that the duration of effect reduces when doses are reduced.

Premium Filler

Lip filler 0.5ml:  $280, 1ml:  $500

Chin, Cheek, Marionette, Jaw, Nasolabial filler 1ml:  $550, 2ml $1000, 3ml $1450, 4ml $1850

Back of (both) hands, 2ml $800

Skin Boosters $300/ml, 2-3 ml advised per area, per treatment.  Treatment cycles and amounts required will be discussed on consultation.

Collagen Biostimulator (Product S). First vial $800, Subsequent vials in same session $700.

Face: 2 vials /treatment, Neck: 1 vial/treatment, Decolettage: 1 vial/treatment, Butt lift: 4 vials.

Collagen Biostimulator (Product R). First syringe (1.5ml) $800, Subsequent Syringes in same session $750.

Face: 2 syringes/ treatment. Neck: 1 syringe/treatment, Jawline: 2 syringes, Hands: 2 syringes.

Filler reversal (dissolving) $200/vial/session, multiple sessions may be required depending on type of filler.  Allow 1 hour for appointment if not previously had allergy test.

Packages available on request.  Prepayment options available on request.

Microinfusion treatment

A bespoke treatment of a selection serums, dermal fillers, skin boosters and wrinkle relaxers administered just below the surface of the skin.  Can assist with skin texture, acne,  fine lines, tighten skin and assist collagen production.

Undereye $250, 1 area $350, 2 areas $650, 3 areas $900 (areas include face, neck or decolletage)

PDO Threads

Charged at $130 per pack of 10 or part thereof.

Full consultation will result in accurate quote.  Feel free to book an obligation free initial consultation to dicuss the your particular needs.  Please allow 2 weeks down time to account for bruising and swelling, full results in 3 months.

Small area (frown, crows, brow lift, lip lines, marionette lines etc) 20-30 threads, 2-3 packs of 10 ($260 - $390)

Cheeks ~ 100 threads, 10 packs, ~$1300

Neck ~ 100 threads, 10 packs, ~$1300.


Treatment may need to be repeated in 12 weeks to achieve optimal results.  Maintenance every 12 -24 months of one treatment. 

2-3 Week Review

Follow up is important and offered free of charge to ensure all clients have a good result and are satisfied with their treatment.  This also helps identify any subtle changes required for future treatments.

** Please see separate page regarding top up policy**

Line prevention

The best wrinkle is one you never get!  We can often prevent lines from forming in the first place with smaller doses of wrinkle relaxer.

Should you require smaller doses for line prevention, your total cost will likely reduce, and therefore we suggest you take advantage of the free consultation to discuss your needs and likely costs.

All 3 major brands of wrinkle relaxer are available at Trinity Aesthetics and your doctor will discuss with you the best options regarding product selection.  Products cannot be named specifically due to TGA regulations, however the various brands can be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Additional information

Prices may vary depending on your unique anatomy and your aesthetic goals. 
Please do not spend more than you intend to.  If you have a specific budget in mind, we encourage you to be open about this to ensure we can achieve the best outcome while remaining within your budget.  
Full cost will be discussed with you prior to your treatment with no obligation to proceed. 
We abide by AHPRA guildelines regarding medical advertising.   As such, brand names cannot be mentioned, however you can discuss various brands at your initial consultation, where your specific needs can be taken into account when making informed decisions.
Your assessment and any prescription will be provided by a qualified medical Doctor, registered with AHPRA and will be carefully tailored to you and your needs and budget.  Prices listed should not be compared to franchised salons or Nurse led salons.  Additional Doctor consultation fees are NOT charged at Trinity Aesthetics.  You have the option of having your treatment performed by your prescribing doctor, or being administered by our fully trained Cosmetic Nurse after assessment and prescription by Dr Trinity personally.
Full medical history and informed consent must be completed for all new clients. Medical history forms will be sent electronically prior to your appointment and must be completed before you see the doctor to ensure any treatment can be completed.  Regardless of completion of consent forms, specific risks associated with your particular treatment will be discussed with you on the day of treatment.
Individual treatment plan conducted prior to any treatment provided at every appointment.

Important information, please read before proceeding to booking any treatments.
Wrinkle relaxers are a prescription (S4) medication.  Dermal fillers are now considered an implantable device. As such these should only be prescribed (the same as any other prescription medication or implantable device) by a registered medical doctor or authorized nurse practitioner after full consultation, assessment and discussion regarding risks, possible complications and anticipated benefits.  Cosmetic nurses are able to administer these to patients after prescription by a Doctor or Nurse practitioner, much the same as antibiotics in a hospital situation. 
Beauticians, hairdressers and skin therapists are not licensed to prescribe or administer these treatments.  Having these treatments without a consultation with a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner is illegal and dangerous.  You will find that beauticians that claim to offer these services have purchased counterfeit products online.  These products are not assured to be sterile, effective, or safe and it is illegal for a non-health practitioner to administer these.
You can easily search the name of your injector on the AHPRA register to ascertain if they are a doctor or nurse, registered in Australia and legally able to administer these treatments. 
At Trinity Aesthetics y
our treatment is prescribed by a fully registered Medical Doctor. Either our Doctors or our Nurse injector (Nurse Yannick), administers your treatment only after face to face, in person assessment and dose prescription by Dr Trinity or Dr Daisy. 

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