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Medical consultation - Wrinkles.


20-30 mins


TGA regulations limit the amount of information we are able to provide. Full, face to face medical consultation with our prescribing Doctor is required for all treatments that may require prescription medications. Consultation will consist of discussion surrounding options, alternatives, risks and costs. We are not able to discuss costs, brands or options outside of a formal consultation, as per TGA. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, a prescription may, or may not be provided for a requested treatment.


Standard appointment - 20 minutes

Suitable to address a single area of concern.


Extended appointment - 30 minutes

Suitable to address 2 or more areas of concern.


Functional, non-cosmetic issues are booked under the heading "Non Cosmetic - Medical consultation" Tab.

eg: Bruxism, hyperhidrosis etc.


** We do NOT offer surgical options in our clinic.

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