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Volume and HA Dissolving.


60 mins


TGA regulations limit the amount of information we are able to provide. Full, face to face medical consultation with our prescribing Doctor is required for all treatments that may require prescription medications. Consultation will consist of discussion surrounding options, alternatives, risks and costs. We are not able to discuss costs, brands or options outside of a formal consultation, as per TGA. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, a prescription may, or may not be provided for a requested treatment.


Initial consultation 

Full medical consultation with our prescribing doctor to discuss your needs, possible options, risks, costs and alternatives. Consultation may, or may not result in prescription and administration of medications.


Volume increase or augmentation

Augmentation available to the following areas after consultation to discuss options, alternatives, risks, suitability and cost:

Lips, Chin, Cheek, Marionette and Nasolabial lines require a standard appointment.

Jaw, Back of (both) hands or multiple areas require an extended appointment.


Scar revision or invasive moisturiser

Treatment cycles, cost and amounts required will be discussed on consultation.


Collagen Biostimulation

A variety of treatment options are available to trigger your body to produce collagen in targetted areas. We are unable to discuss types or methods outside of consultation. Plese consider booking an initial consultation to assess your needs, formulate a treatment plan and discuss risks and benefits.

*This is a non reversible procedure and initial consultation and cooling off period is mandatory prior to this treatment being prescribed.


Filler reversal (dissolving) $200/vial/session

*Multiple sessions may be required depending on type of filler.  Please allow 1 hour for the appointment to allow for allergy testing.


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